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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Long, Miller&Miller...


...and hello, StudioCentric!

As of today (since I'm officially filing my trade name paperwork today) our new name is


and i will be blogging at:

Come say hi!

Oh, and the new website will be here (very soon):

So, why all the change?  For starters, there are already too many Millers in the biz and we don't want to be confused with any others.  Our future focus is going to involve a lot more studio work (studiocentric),  plus we're a bit eccentric, so the new name just fits!  Yes?  Yes!


P.S.   In celebration of new things, any locals reading this post will receive one free Facebook shot.  Call to set it up!  480-286-0112

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back from After Dark { Portland, Oregon }

It took me a full day of recovery to be able to sit here and write a coherent summary of my time at After Dark in Portland.  Four days of nearly non-stop (we're talking 10 a.m. to 4 a.m.) photography and hanging out with some of the world's top photographers was beyond exhausting and overwhelming.  But it was invaluable.  Not just for the knowledge and experience gained, but for the friends I made there.  I found my "brat pack" (Cristal from OK, Angela, Eve and Chris from VA) and then added an additional friend on the last day (Trisha) who happens to live in the opposite end of the Phx Valley (see ya soon!). 

I made friends among many of the mentors, but an extra huge thanks goes out to "Dinger" (aka Mike Ridinger) who let me follow him around like a duckling and ask a million questions.  I got to see my childhood friend and amazing photographer/mentor Wen McNally and her always entertaining husband, Sean.

I also learned a lot at an image critique from Chuckie Arlund (who said one of my photos reminded him of a photo of Francis Bean Cobain--i nearly fell over. Click here to see it.) and Martin Grahame-Dunn, a highly-acclaimed international photographer and classical artist who said one of my photos (below) was almost a "contemporary Mona Lisa."  I did fall over at that.  DON'T BE TOO CHICKEN TO DO AN IMAGE CRITIQUE!  Yes, it's SCARY having some of the best photographers in the world critique your images, but hello!  What an invaluable learning opportunity! 

My "contemporary Mona Lisa"  :

Some photos I made at ADE Portland:

And this is one of my new bff's, Angela Douglas:

Miller&Miller Photography

Saturday, September 4, 2010

So I Get Up at 5:30 a.m. to Go Running...

...and as I'm hydrating myself {insufficiently, as it turned out}, my 16-year-old daughter comes in and says she's ready for pictures.  At 5:30 a.m.  The thought crossed my mind to ask her to wait until after my run, since, if I delayed my run much longer it would already be too hot to go as far as I wanted.  However, knowing how ridiculously difficult it is to get Allie in front of the camera, I knew that wasn't an option.  I put down my water and picked up my camera. 

Allie doesn't like "standard" looking photos of herself.  She likes them to be a little edgy.  These are the ones she "approved" of:

Miller&Miller Photography

Friday, September 3, 2010

Commercial Head Shots

Amy stopped by the studio today for a quick head shot to be used in advertising her business.  She helps people who are facing foreclosure, giving them an alternative option.  If you're in that category, you can find Amy on Facebook:

Miller&Miller Photography

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Product Review { The Large "Jack" Rolling Camera Bag }

I first saw jill-e camera bags a year or so ago.  I thought they were "cute," maybe even a little too much so for my taste.  I've been using the same two Domke bags for over 10 years and they're still as tough and rugged as the day I bought them.  The only complaint I have about my Domke bags is that, when full of gear, they are very difficult for me to travel with (especially on planes).  I refuse to check gear and always carry it on board with me.  Only problem is:  the weight.  With two camera bodies, a battery grip, 2 flashes, huge battery pack for Trio flash, cords, 4-5 lenses (including the very heavy 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII), plus other odds and ends, my shoulders are screaming in pain by the time I get through security and plant myself on the plane.  I considered finding a collapsible rolling thing-a-ma-bob for my Domkes, but then thought, "Eh, it's been over a decade since I bought a new bag.  And I deserve a new bag!"

So, remembering the jill-e bags, I perused the website and didn't find anything I liked, until I clicked on the "Jack" bags.  The Jack large rolling bag is good-looking and roomy enough to fit all my necessary gear (plus laptop). 

My bag arrived today from B&H (where you'll find much better pricing than on the jill-e website).  I got the brown leather and it's quite a good-looking bag.  I loaded my gear, extended the handle and rolled it around the room.  Ahhhhh. My shoulders are happy already!  Had I been able to see the bag in person, I would've gone with the extra large (in order to fit in some rolled-up clothes along with my gear for ease of travel on short trips), but will make due with the large.

The true test will be how well it travels.  I'm headed to Portland, OR in a couple weeks for a very fun-filled photography event.  I'll let you know my thoughts on the bag after the trip!

Miller&Miller Photography

The End of an Era

I received a message from an old friend today.  He sent me a link to an article about the passing of E-6 (slide) film.  I got all nostalgic; I still have all the slides I made during a critique class almost a dozen years ago.  Shooting on slide film was the most fun I've ever had photographically.  Even though I would probably have never shot slide film again, I'm pretty sad the possibility is gone.  Another victim of the digital age.

Miller&Miller Photography

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Elias { More Fun in the Studio }

This is one of the smartest and most polite teens I've ever met.  And as you can see, he's got a very fun personality, too!

Miller&Miller Photography

Monday, August 30, 2010

More Studio Time for The Mister

Since we don't go outside in August (really, it's just too hot, and why be miserable?), we've taken some time off to work on some studio technique.  Here are a few photos from Todd's recent training session.  Nicely done, Mister!

Miller&Miller Photography

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Study

He's wrapped up in my jacket.  This is my buddy.  Next year he starts Kindergarten and I plan to obsess over him and spend every minute I can with him 'til then, when he goes out into the big world (mostly) by himself.  Sniffle.  Boogie-woogs, I love you soooooo o o o o much!

Miller&Miller Photography

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

The We-Still-Have-2-More-Months-Of-Summer GIVEAWAY!


How to Enter:   "Like" us on Facebook (hit the Facebook dealio on the right over there -->)

When we reach 500 "likes" on Facebook, we will randomly select one "liker" who will receive a free Social Profile Session.  Be sure to "suggest" our page to all your friends!  (The suggest button is under the profile picture on our page).

Details:  One lucky winner will come to our studio in San Tan Valley (you must be willing to travel to us; it's east of Queen Creek, AZ, near Ironwood and Ocotillo, Virginians are probably out, hehe) and have a Social Profile Session which takes ~15 minutes to shoot.  From the photos, you will receive 2 free (a $50 value; you get to choose which 2) in low-resolution for posting on your social profile page (Facebook, MySpace, your blog, etc.).  To see an example of a Social Profile Session, see the "Michael B." photo album on our fanpage (also on this blog).

Fine Print:  the images you receive are for online use only and may not be printed.  If you would like, you may purchase prints of the images from us, but it is not required.  If you would like more than 2 images for your social profile page, you will have the option to purchase more.  There will be no sales pressure, just pure fun!

Miller&Miller Photography

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In the Studio with Michael B.

I love it when I have someone in the studio and he { or she } says something along the lines of, "I don't photograph well," or "I don't look good in pictures."  I just give the "oh peesh" hand-sign and start shooting.  I can already see the gorgeousness waiting to be revealed.  And that.  Is why.  I love.  Photography.

Miller&Miller Photography

Monday, August 16, 2010

Butterfly Dots

I just found this photo taken in VA on our spare camera.  Todd made it, and I love it.  It's bright and whimsical and makes me think of Virginia.  This must hang on our wall very soon!

Miller&Miller Photography